Wednesday, January 07, 2015

새해 복 많이 받으세요 2015!!

*blow dust* Hello! 안녕!! Nah, just dropping by here to say hello. The thought of blogging about my Korea trip has always been on my mind but….. you know as you are older, blogging just ain't the kind of thing that you would do. at least for me. lol.

and sooooooo….. We are in the Year of 2015 and not as young anymore *sigh* Just gonna enjoy every moment of the life now before things start to change(again!).
My love for US brands never die. Since Rebecca Minkoff and now, Kate Spade Saturday. Got this Kate Spade Saturday Zipline Crossbody bag from the Black Friday Sale at 30%. That's a $100 off local store retail price okay! haha. RRP is $260 and I got it at $160. Else I wouldn't splurge on this!
Just kinda regret not carting out the Zipline Clutch as well.
Been bringing it to work every single day! its so roomy!
really an everyday bag. 
My wardrobe is converted to mainly black & white now.
From Instagram.
and i miss korea!
The beautiful autumn foliage. (At Intercontinental Alpensia Resort)
At Namiseon 
I miss cafe hopping in Korea.

Maybe I will be a little hardworking and blog about Seoulo Trip hehe. Meanwhile……. 

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Monday, June 02, 2014

New Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto Mini Acid Yellow

Scored a Hudson Moto Mini from Shopbob's recent sales markdown on some items which I read about it through the mailer. Usually I will just delete the mailer and passed it but not this time. haha! Shopbob's delivery is really fast. Ordered on Wednesday and delivered on Sunday by DHL. It was really a surprise that DHL does deliveries on Sunday as well. Really love DHL service because their tracking is so prompt and precise! I almost missed my bag today but the deliveryman called me up and I rearranged a redelivery with him because my mum just got home. Thus, the status "Delivery attempted; recipient not home" immediately got updated. Its a real-time update. haha!
Unboxing the Hudson Moto Mini. :D
Really love the contrast of the black hardware against the bright yellow. Its really bright in real life, like a highlighter yellow. Hudson Moto Mini also comes in Saffiano Leather which is sturdy and could probably stays in shape better than Mac.
Comes with matchy dust bag as the inner lining.
 there are altogether 2 compartments and 1 flap pocket.
This is the comparison of Hudson Moto Mini Versus Mac (Morning After Clutch). I'm guessing that it is the same size the Mini Mac.
This is how Mac size on me.

Another Rebecca Minkoff bag added to the collection and I can't wait to bring this out! :)

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Braces Update: Into my 7th Month

****WARNING: Viewer Discretion is advised for the following post contains upclose of my teeth and gums****

Haven't been keeping track of my braces update and I didn't take detailed picture to show my teeth movement on the 3rd(I had minion teeth - cobalt & yellow) and 6th Month (Xmas teeth - red & green). So currently at my 7th month, I had my experience with 7 and more colours on my teeth and I will share which colour I prefer so far later on in the post. :)

 The full set of teeth
The lower set. Probably can't remember how my teeth looked like anymore? Fret not, picture illustration is always the best! Even I'm very amazed by how fast these teeth shifted. First up, the lower set first because the changes are more drastic. 
You can see the the 2 big holes are closing up fast. At the 2nd month, the spring is placed to push the teeth apart so that the lateral incisor can be pull to the front. Initially I had no idea what was the spring for until Dr Cheng attached the brackets to the lateral incisor. So from 4th month onwards, my 1st 6 teeth are already aligned. Waiting to close up the remaining gap from the extraction.
And yup, gaps are closing up slowly too for the upper set of teeth. :)
 Showing the full set of teeth. Easier to comprehend now right? hahaha!
The upper set is not protruding out as much compared to the 5th month. This metal thingy really works like magic. :D All the pain and agony that it had brought me through were all worth it! Should be less than a year until I'm braces free like before!

So anyways, talking about the preferred colour bands for braces. Up till now I have tried the following colours:
1) Light Purple (not advisable. fades to ugly grey at the end of 1 month and also because I ate too much Macdonald Curry Shaker Fries then. OOPS)
2) Dark Purple (colour is more lasting compared to light purple)
3) Pink, Red, Yellow (neutral about it. don't mind having it)
4) Light Green or Mint & Light blue (kinda made my teeth look yellowish. Won't put it again)
5) Dark Green & Dark Blue (FAV colours. Teeth look whiter and you will see me with either of these colours often!)

Ohh and just nice I managed to find a picture of myself in the same top (coincidentally!). The left picture was April 2013 and right was Jan 2014. No leh, my weight is still the same if not heavier but my face has became smaller! Probably due to the perm as well. haha. So to get smaller face, either 1) get braces or 2) get a perm. Teehee! :)

Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review on TTR *Premium* Taffy Midi Skirt (White) Size M

Received the midi yesterday and I've been searching for a white midi ever since I missed the LB Covet Harlow Midi.Was contemplating whether to get TTR version because it was $32 and I was expecting it to be $28 or something. However I was so thankful to pay for it because the material is so luxe and has some weight to this thus wouldn't look too poofy! No wonder its labelled as *premium*. 

White turned out to be the kind of white I'm expecting because you know how some white apparels can turned out so wrong; either too creamy/yellowish or way too white!I always worry that Midi will make me look shorter but this midi proves me otherwise. 

I had genieinthecloset midi skirt before and had to sell it because the cutting is so not flattering on me; very poofy and material is like spongey neoprene kind. Size M fits me well with quite abit of allowance for binging during CNY! XD

TTR Taffy midi is my first Midi and it changed my mind towards owning one. So i would say you can consider getting your first one from TTR if you have doubts like me! :) I'm officially a TTR convert!!

Halolale Gabriella Lace Back Organza Top in White Size M

While everyone is busy stocking up CNY clothes from LB, most of my CNY clothes are from other blogshops(to avoid wearing the same as others during visiting). :) Chanced upon Halolale launch and this top is really way too gorgeous on picture. The most unique peplum top I've ever seen really.

My ptp is usually 16" to 16.5" and Size M fits me comfortably. Front portion is made of really soft and stretchy cotton polyester while back is a combination of organza and intricate lace details. Same colour bra(with the top) is advisable if you are not a fan of nu bra. Looks like an ordinary peplum top from the front but you will definitely wow-ed people from the back. :)

The owner is really nice too and quick with replies to enquiry. I opt for registered mail and they have a free upgrade to courier service so to ensure that I can receive it before CNY.

Wearerubbish Pam Origami Skirt Wine Red Size M

Thanks to a fellow reviewer that got me tempted to cart out the last piece from the site. :) Skirt is not stretchy at all and lucky Size M is just nice on me. Very worth the price of $24 and material is definitely not compromised.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!

So how has the first 2 weeks of Year 2014 been for all of you so far? Work was crazy for me because it clashed with month end and I had to OT till 1.30am the first workday of 2014. T.T Money really ain't easy to earn.

Here are some updates with pictures taken from the Instagram.
Really love the pictures B took for me but of course, I am the director behind them. LOL. I tell him my idea and he captured it for me. The recent hype is of course dolling up the phones in Chanel Le Boy cases. I had to get mine of course but I think it was a great deal @ $16! :D Pictures were taken together with my Anarchy Street Bangles & Ring.

Get to eat my favourite ice cream at Baskin Robbins - Candy Cotton flavours which is definitely for the fellow sweet tooth addicts! :) and of course Red Velvet waffles at Oblong located at Serangoon Gardens which is just opposite of Village. Red Velvet waffles sandwiched with cream cheese - oh-so-sinful-but-worth-the-calories! B still prefer Udders though. oh wells.

It has been the longest time that I have cut my hair ever since I had this short hair. Reason being that I do not want to lose the evidence of paying $140 for these curls. haha. Curls is really an easy way to grow out your hair! I dunno how long i would stay in curls but at least for the next half a year. Probably will plan a trip to TW again just to get my hair fixed! haha. :D

Found the perfect sandals which goes with anything! Clear front strap sandals from Shopjenith. Abso-freaking-lutely comfy. Hehe!

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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Review on LB Abrielle Skirt White M/Black S & TTR Lyla Top in Wine Red

Finally finally finally received these skirt. it was really a long wait and they have already launched two collections in between of the waiting time. T.T

Carted out both colours in each sizes because I just wanted to make sure I get the correct size.Black in S and White in M. Looking at the measurements on the site, Size S is a tiny 12" and I can barely squeeze in it with Ashley top (Fuchsia in Size M; with quite abit allowance ptp) tucked in.

Measurements for both sizes are true to the site and M is really way more comfy. Inner lining is fitting to the bum and not flare out.As compared to Covet Winona Skirt, I think this sizing runs smaller and definitely worth the price at $32. The organza design is done up really nicely. This is also not as flare compared to Winona too.I would prefer Size S length and width because M looks like there is a little too much cloth thus looking a little shapeless. However, for comfort fit I will still keep M and white is really really gorgeous in real life. in fact, both are! haha. Side by side pictures for easier comparison.


Received this in mail today. I've realised that TTR has always been very efficient! One of the few times I am buying from them because I have always worried that the sizing runs small.

Made in really good and soft-to-touch cotton material. 
Didn't regret carting it out and the wine red is just so apt for CNY! definitely a keeper. :)

FYI, I'm UK 8/10 160cm

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

친구와 크리스마스 Friends & Christmas

2 Saturdays ago, we went to give Emmy moral support for her wedding fashion show held at Suntec Convention. Always a joy to see these girls!
Before and after the show.

The following Monday was birthday celebration for the December babies - Emmy & Felicia.

 Super pretty (which taste as good too) cake that Kexian ordered for the girls. See the number of layers in that cake. Must have been a hassle to bake this. haha.
Mandatory group picture because Jane will be not with us for our Christmas gathering. We've spent 2 birthdays with one another and cannot believe that time passes so fast!!

The first Christmas party get together was with the poly mates at the usual place. BBQ this time round! Fangfang's mum marinate the nicest pork ribs!! This BBQ pit is so good to have! Feels like a scene in Sims isn't it? :)
 B with Fangfang's nephew. He always has his way around kids, bet he's gonna be a good father. :)
 Presents laid out for the christmas present exchange.
Many many awesome memories with these people. #feelingblissful
And finally finally, I received my Anarchystreet bracelets and ring namely - 
1) Classic Nail Bangle - Rose Gold
2) Pyramid Spiked Bracelet
3) Thick Tube Ring - Yellow Gold

I had problem opening the nail bangle and emailed anarchy street, their swift reply is amazing. this is what they said, "To open the Classic Nail bangle simply push inward on the part of the nail with the ridges beneath the nail head, and put out from the nail head. It should pop open. It is a hidden clasp inside of the head of the nail." Really love their CS and definitely more anarchystreet items to come.
 Wore this floral skirt from Emmy right away and the prints are so pretty!

Our Christmas dinner at Zafferano at our usual Yoga building! 
Dining table filled with presents & cards but not food. hilarious scene. haha.
Given by my Santa Val!
 Our theme this year is a white christmas so it explains why we are all in white that night. All of us looked really happy in this pic!!
 and this!

The angels in my life. :) And here are some individual pics with them.

There are sure alot of barang barangs when we meet up with one another.
Wearing all Love Bonito that day - Jamie Top and Steis Skirt.

Found my perfect heels for CNY. yay to more monochrome! As I grow older, I start to buy more monochrome stuff compared to younger days where I will colourblock more. sigh to being older. :(
Do not let the height deceived you, its so comfy to walk and even run in it. ;)

More monochrome outfit for Christmas today. This Chanel necklace really serve me well be it on white or black outfit! and so, I am my own Santa and got another black box for myself.
Can't bear to unwrap it because it is so nicely wrapper in white with camellia on it! 3rd black box and counting on.......

Merry Christmas!!

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